The renewed policy of Heart's Aubergine to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats, as well as the removal of trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils, highlight the ongoing commitment of the company to the global public health.


The Heart's Aubergine is committed to reducing as much sodium (salt) and sugars in their products.


By reducing saturated fats and removing trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils in their products, the Heart's Aubergine will prioritize products consumed by children and families, such as anti pasture, Special Cookery aubergines, snacks, pies, delicadesse, soups, snacks, pizzas and ready meals; in international culinary.


There will be ongoing investment and installations and research and development, and through its collaborations and external partnerships, will help to Heart's Aubergine achieve these goals and contribute continuously and positively to the needs of nutrition, health and well-being of society long into the future.


The new commitments added to the report this year are the result of specific recommendations in the 2014 report.


The Heart's Aubergine'll be giving more emphasis and making the company publicly accountable for achieving them.


Other commitments that the company took focus on people - including a promise to evaluate and address impacts on human rights in their operations and supply chain, to eliminate child labor and improve the gender balance. The Heart's Aubergine also has concern with the sustainability of the planet from the production of food until their final consumer. The concept 100% Natural and organic station on your goals and objectives to bring to its customers.


Goals with our consumer


The integrity of our products and the service We provide to our customers is important to us to the the quality of our food.

Our continual improvement program forms the basis for all of our systems and procedures. We are Constantly monitoring and measuring our performance, using scientific information generated by our "up to the minute" data capture systems.

Our quest for perfection still goes on!


Nutritional goals of Heart's Aubergine

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